You may have had any number of reasons to start your construction business, including the joy of creating something from nothing, or the satisfaction of building a stronger, 更有弹性的社区. If there’s one thing you didn’t sign up for, it’s the host of supply chain interruptions and logistics challenges threatening to turn your industry inside-out. Is it time to consider 3PL? 为 construction companies in need of freight brokers, 盈乐博平台 offers a wide range of third-party logistics 乐博平台s 在48个州.

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What’s the current state of play, and how is it impacting construction businesses and shippers alike?

Global Market Disruptions

COVID-related shutdowns and slowdowns have impacted the manufacture and transportation of everything from raw materials to the finished goods for which they’re used. As businesses have reopened, surges in manufacturing and product demand have run head-on into logistics providers that were likewise hit hard by the same market forces. The result: literal traffic jams in American ports, a shortage of capacity and qualified truckers, and surviving businesses warily eyeing the market as they wonder how they’ll weather this latest challenge even as their clients clamor for their 乐博平台s.

Domestic Market Impact and the 3PL Outlook

The domestic shipping market is already experiencing the ripples from those global shortages, but the problem is about to get much worse. Your business could soon be feeling a squeeze from two sides. As the clogs are freed in major ports, trucking demand will skyrocket and available capacity for flatbed and heavy haul 乐博平台s will plummet, which 反过来 will raise prices. The coming infrastructure bill will also unleash a torrent of cash, putting raw materials and equipment in higher demand than we’ve seen in decades; if you’re not prepared, your company could be caught flat-footed here as well.

Why Construction Needs 3PL

If construction is your business, you probably have long-standing relationships with local contacts and carriers. 然而, if you’re not tapping into 3PL 乐博平台s, you could be missing out on time, 效率, 乐博平台, 和金钱.

Here’s why: most local trucking companies are asset-based, which is fine for a local load or one within a short distance. But some local carriers  will over-promise and under-deliver for longer-haul, 加快运输和其他 specialized carrier 乐博平台s. 从他们的角度来看, it makes sense to do this; if there’s a job to do, 那里有赚钱的地方, and many local carriers  will take the job even if they’re not particularly well-equipped to do it right.  

This raises several problems for your business.

  • Specialized loads require specialized equipment that your local partner may not be able to leverage.
  • 的专业化, 反过来, calls for a higher level of knowledge gained through experience that may also be missing.
  • 这笔钱因损坏而损失, 罚款, 不允许和其他 issues can prove to be a significant setback to your company; you may also be losing money on round-trip fees that wouldn’t be charged by a broker arranging OTR transportation.

Dealing With Shipping and Operational Challenges Through 3PL

The disruptions we’re currently experiencing will take some time to sort out and settle down. 与此同时, their impact will be felt in all sectors of our economy, and while these could be boom times for the construction industry at large, you don’t want that boom to bust for your company in particular. 

Every business has a particular area of expertise and is better equipped to handle certain issues that arise at times like these. 一些决定, like handling market uncertainty, 材料成本, 和劳动力短缺, 最好是内部制作. That’s enough to worry about without adding logistics challenges to the mix as well! 这样的第三方物流 盈乐博平台 isn’t tied to a single geographic area, so we’re better-equipped than most to handle the ebb and flow of shipping demand. We assume that responsibility so your focus can stay right where it belongs. Get in touch today for a free 3PL consultation!

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